Dust Collection

Here is a list of tools I either own, have owned, or have used in the past


Fox F50-800 Wet & Dry Dust Extractor

You can buy the Fox F50-800 here: Amazon UK

I bought this new for around £140 from eBay, and I’ve been really impressed with it.  In fact, I love it!

I use this for my mitre saw and bench top sander, and also for vacuuming the floor of my shop.


  • Comes with lots of accessories and various size adaptors which is really useful
  • Auto start feature and build in socket 
  • Powerful suction
  • Not too noisy
  • Good build quality – feels robust
  • Hose quality is excellent
  • The 30l capacity bin is great and doesn't require emptying very often


  • None





Titan TTB430VAC 30l Wet & Dry Vacuum

I bought this from ScrewFix for around £70, 

I opted for this one as I needed something that would fit inside my tablesaw stand so there was a height constraint - and this one just about manages to squeeze in where I wanted it.


  • Good suction and works well
  • Has an automatic start function and power socket built in


  • The 30l capacity bin fills very quickly and needs frequent emptying due to the size and shape of the filter
  • The hose is cheap plastic not very good quality but can be expected at this price point
  • Quite noisy