Getting Started With Paint Spraying - New Air Compressor & Spray Gun

In this video I get started with spraying paint (although in future I'll mostly be using my new set up for spraying varnishes / clear coats).

My Choosing An Air Compressor Video:

0:00 Intro
0:15 New Air Compressor
3:05 New Spray Gun
4:23 Painting A Door
8:42 Overspray
10:16 Compressor Performance
10:45 Spray Gun Performance
10:58 Clean Up
11:44 Why I Wanted To Start Spraying

My new compressor is the ABAC Montecarlo OS20p (not a sponsor)
My new spray gun is the ANI R160 (not a sponsor)

This video is supported by Milwaukee, check out their full range here:
12v Drill

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