Hexagon Cat House - pallet wood project

I had lots of small offcuts of pallet wood left over from the pallet wood shed build that I wanted to find a use for;  

I came up with a design for a cat house / bed that was hexagon shaped.  I cut all the pieces to make the walls of the house to length, cutting a 30 degree angle on each end to form the hexagon shape.  

I used a block plane to put a bevel on each piece, as I thought this would make it look nicer.  Then I glued up the hexagon pieces in individual layers, using upright pieces to support the structure and brad nails to hold everything together.  

The upright pieces were also cut at 30 degrees to support the shape internally.  Then I cut pieces for the top and bottom panel, added a bevel again with the block plain and glued them to the top.  

Finally, I cut a circular entrance hole, using a dish to mark up the shape, then I drilled a hole and cut out the circle with the jigsaw.  

I sanded the whole thing, and used the electric file to sand the entrance hole, and then added a Rustic Pine Briwax finish. My cat LOVES it!

FREE PLANS are available for this on the resources page if you'd like to build one for your fluffy friend!