Making An Oak Table Frame For The Plywood Table Top - Part 2 of 2

In this video I make a frame for the plywood end grain table top that I made in the previous video..  

I used some of the oak hat and coat stands that I salvaged from a local office clearance to make the frame.  The design of the frame was influenced by a table I saw in a mid-century modern / vintage shop in Mallorca in Spain while I was on holiday, however mine differed slightly as I wanted to add a shelf to sit beneath the table top.  

I wanted to make the frame with no metal fixings (screws and nails) - just nice glued bridle joints.  I made a simply tenon jig for my tablesaw (which I'll cover in a separate video) to cut the mortise and tenons for the joinery.  This did not go particularly well because I made the mistake of not checking my tablesaw blade was at a perfect 90 degree angle to the tablesaw table before making the cuts, so the joints ended up being a little loose in places.  Having said that, once they were glued up and finished, they actually don't look too bad at all....  It was my first attempt at bridle joints so I didn't expect them to be perfect!  

I also cut a dado housing joint in the leg frame to accommodate the shelf which I cut from a piece of salvaged oak plywood.  I trimmed the plywood edges with some more oak to tidy up the look.  

And finally I finished the frame to match the table top trim with Superior Danish Oil and some Rustic Pine Briwax.  I'm really happy with how this table turned out and it looks great in my living room.  It's definitely my favourite piece of furniture that I've made so far.