My $30 / £20 Dust Booth & Paint Spraying Booth Workshop Curtains

In this video I make a really simple $30 / £20 workshop curtain paint spray booth or dust booth using some inexpensive tarpaulins and pvc conduit. Inspired by a conversation with Stew at Bisch Basch Bosch channel:

My Slab Flattening Video:
My Slab Flattening Router Sled Video:
My Paint Spraying Video:
My Choosing An Air Compressor Video:

Tarpaulin 4m x 5m: (Amazon affiliated)
Tarpaulin 3m x 3m: (Amazon affiliated)
2x Tarpaulin 3m x 3.6m: (Amazon affiliated)
10x 6" Spring Clamps: (Amazon affiliated)
8x 6" Spring Clamps: (Amazon affiliated)
4x 6" Spring Clamps: (Amazon affiliated)
20x Screw In Hooks: (Amazon affiliated)
18x Screw In Hooks: (Amazon affiliated)

I got my Tarpaulins on eBay, 3x 3.6m x 2.7m tarpaulins for £13.99 but it's a special deal and so it may disappear quickly (not affiliated):