I Take Wood From People's Bins

I went out for a JUNK HUNT around the city of Norwich and found loads of materials and then used them to make a woodworking project! I like using waste materials in my project so searching the alleyways, communal bin areas and skip diving or dumpster diving is a great way to find things!

Dowel maker: https://amzn.to/3ylyabm (Amazon UK) https://geni.us/DhEe2 (Amazon Worldwide)

Crafting with Character: Salvaged Pine Media Unit

Can I turn a pile of rustic reclaimed pine into a sleek media shelving unit with a modern twist for my sister-in-law?

Denailing tool https://amzn.to/3xzRkda (Amazon UK) https://geni.us/H7zP9 (Amazon Worldwide)

Liberon Medium Oak Wax: https://amzn.to/49p93RK (Amazon UK) https://geni.us/eg6eTe (Amazon Worldwide)

6 WAYS To Make An MDF Cabinet LESS BORING!!

In this video I build an MDF cabinet to store firewood - but I don't want it to look like flat packed furniture! So here are six ways to make MDF cabinets less boring!

Making a REMOVABLE EXTENSION for a dining table

My mum asked if I could find a way to extend her dining table to accommodate our whole family of 8 that is removable. After a bit of thought and designing, here's what I came up with.

Toggle Clamps: https://amzn.to/4b2vu1a (Amazon UK) https://geni.us/BIzHo4 (Worldwide)

Handmade Cot Converts To Toddler Bed

Making a cot / crib for Baby Brown from scratch! Using some very twisted and warped slabs of beech. Baby will soon be 6 months old, so he needed a cot for his room to sleep in. I designed the cot to have an adjustable mattress base, storage in the form of a large drawer underneath and removable panels at the front and back ready for converting to a toddler bed.

Furniture For Someone Special

I found some nice teak veneered drawers with brass handles up in the attic and in this video I'll use them to make a piece of furniture - a nice mid century modern style chest of drawers - for someone special.

Why Build Kitchen Cabinets? // Utility Room Renovation

Is making a kitchen really worthwhile vs the cost of buying one? In this video, I find out! I am designing and building custom kitchen cabinets for our utility room which is in need of renovation!

Part 2 Link: Coming Soon - Early access available now via Patreon/Channel Membership)

Problem Solved: Designing A New Kitchen Bin

In this video I am making a pet-proof kitchen bin cabinet, as in, one that ACTUALLY WORKS! I couldn't quite believe that there doesn't seem to be any purchasable solution to stop pets getting in the bin, but this simple woodworking project solved all our problems with Mickie the ever hungry cat!

PROJECT PLANS: Available for free to all channel members (Patreon and YouTube Channel Members) or via Etsy for a small fee here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1433339758/

Making A Lot Of Mistakes... And A Linen Basket!

A tapered linen basket with compound angles is this week's project, and it really tested me! Many mistakes were made, partly through being out of practice as it's the first woodworking project in a while and partly through being distracted by getting a new tablesaw and fiddling about with that! But it turned out nice in the end!

I Made A Kitchen Island, with Butcher Block Top

In this video I make a kitchen island unit with drawers, solid oak end grain butcher block top and oak shelf, and I'll share with you my method for getting a really durable and hardwearing paint finish on MDF which is resistant to cleaning, scratches etc.