Making A Workbench Out Of Salvaged Things (part 1 of 2)

In this video I start making a new workbench for my workshop using salvaged materials.  

I used three sets of drawers salvaged from an office clearance, some salvaged plywood donated to me by a friend, and some parts from my old workbench.  

I began by making a large 3/4 inch plywood box to accommodate the three sets of drawers and added a piece at the back to keep it rigid and square.  

I added the legs from my old workbench to this one, as I wanted the new workbench to be the same height so there was really no need to make them again.  

Q&A - Your Questions Answered

In this video I answer your questions.....

Q&A, Coming Soon, New Tools and Holiday

Please feel free to ask me questions via email at 

If you'd like to check out my holiday video, here is a link:

Making A Cross Cut Sled for the Tablesaw

In this video I make a cross cut sled for my tablesaw and test it out using the 5 cut method

Workshop update - 1 year after the build

It's been a year since I built my workshop, so this is a quick update to answer some questions I've been asked about it, and to show you some of the improvements I've made in the past year.

Making A Workshop Space-Saving Stand for the Electra Beckum HC260 planer/thicknesser

In this video, I design and build a space-saving stand for my planer/thicknesser the Electra Beckum HC260.  The idea was to create some additional worktop space in my small workshop for my drill press and bench grinder with space for the planer underneath.  Made entirely from salvaged materials. Turned out OK!

Making a simple framing spline jig

Here is a simple framing spline jig I made for my tablesaw, the DeWalt DW745

Making A Zero Clearance Insert for DeWalt DW745 tablesaw

Here I make a zero clearance insert for my DeWalt DW745 from a piece of pallet wood that I think is Poplar.

Making Push Blocks

Recently I made a couple of push blocks for using with my jointer, as I only had one and it was in bad condition.  They didn't turn out perfect, but they do the job

Building A Quick & Easy Workbench

Here's a workbench I built using an old kitchen cabinet I had spare from my kitchen refurb and some salvaged wood.