Making A Ring Box

In this video I make a ring box using some mystery wood.  I carved a decorative design in to the lid, and also use some bits from the workshop to make the inside of the box to hold the ring in place inside the box.

The technique that I use to make the box is similar to that used in a bandsaw box design - i.e. it ends up looking like one solid piece of wood with grain continuation running around the box, with the inside of the box hollowed out.


In this video I'm going to make a ring box.

Making DIY Custom Birch Plywood & Laminate Kitchen Worktops / Countertops

#worktops #countertops #diy

In this video we are making our own custom handmade DIY laminate kitchen worktops / countertops using birch plywood and a laminate sheet.  I say we, but actually my friend Danny (professional joiner and fitter) did practically all of the work on this project, I basically just held the camera!

The laminate that we chose is by Polyrey and it's called Zeste Coco

The 24mm birch plywood that we used is available at any good timber merchant - but they may need to order it in (usually only takes a few days at the most)

Oak Picture Frame - Framing A Pet Portrait

In this video I make a frame for a pet portrait of our cat Dylan.

I use some salvaged oak to make the picture frame - a very lucky skip find!

Stay tuned until the end to see if Dylan likes it!

Here are some links to my recent mitre station build videos which I mentioned:

Making A Dinosaur Baby Play Gym Toy

In this video I make a dinosaur baby play gym toy as a Christmas present for my niece Tabitha.

Featuring a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Stegosaurus and a Diplodocus made of beech wood.  This was quite a time consuming woodworking project, but seeing Tabitha play with it on Christmas Day made it all wortwhile!

Necklace Stand With Brass Accents - Making A Christmas Gift

In this video I make a necklace stand as a Christmas gift using salvaged wood and some brass dowels

First I went looking for materials to use - and I found some snooker cue offcuts from a previous project and some dowel.

Removing A Window & Replacing With Alcove Oak Shelving

In this video I remove a window, and make an oak shelving unit to fit inside the window opening alcove.

Simple Floating Corner Shelf - No Specialist Hardware Or Fixings

In this video I make a couple of simple and modern DIY corner floating shelves for our new living room.  I used some offcuts of MDF and a piece of pine to make the shelf, and the whole project took a couple of hours to do - nice and quick.  The floating shelf requires no specialist hardware or fixings.

Making A Jewellery Box - With Compound Mitre Angle Cuts

In this video I make some jewellery boxes using wood from an old reclaimed fireplace surround.  I think the wood might be meranti but I'm not sure.  This project was my first time cutting compound mitre cuts at the mitre saw - something that I've wanted to try for a while and it seemed like the perfect simple woodworking project to try it out on.  


Making Vinyl Display Stands - Record Storage

In this video I make some vinyl display stands - perfect for flicking through your record collection. These make a great record storage solution. Made from reclaimed oak.

How To Remove Stains, Re-finish & Oil Wooden Kitchen Counter Worktops

In this video I will be showing how to do scraping, sanding, and re-finishing on some wooden kitchen worktops / work surfaces / counter tops at a local AirBnB. I need to remove the water stains, heat marks, wear and mould and strip down to the bare wood, and then restore the natural beauty of the wood - which I do by oiling using a hard wax oil finish. This restoration took 6 hours in total, which excludes thie time it took for the finish to dry.