Making Some Bedside Drawer Box Shelves

In this video I make some drawer box style wall mounted bedside shelves to match a bedside table / nightstand that I made in a previous video for an Etsy customer.


Making A Headphone Stand

In this video I make a headphone stand using a bent lamination technique.

3 Simple Woodworking Projects - Gift Ideas - Including A Desk Tidy Smart Phone Stand & Photo Display

In this video I make 3 small, quick and simple woodworking projects that would make great gifts (except for the door stop wedges ofcourse, no one wants to be given one of them for Christmas!). The first project is a photo or paper display stand made from some salvaged cherry (it might not be cherry!). The second is some oak door wedges. The third is a sapele and oak desk tidy smart phone holder stand that holds a mobile phone and some pens.

Hand Carved Wooden Spoon - Hand Tools Only Project

In this video I carve a wooden spoon from a piece of beech using hand tools only - I use a coping saw, chisels, a rasp, a spokeshave a handmade scraper and gouge chisel.
Here are the tools I use for making the scraper:
Diamond Plates 360/600 (UK) (US)

Girlfriend Makes Walnut Coasters

In this video my girlfriend Ria makes some geometric wooden hexagon coasters from an offcut of walnut as a gift for our friend.

Making A Plywood Bowl - Bowl Without A Lathe Challenge #BWALC

Bowl Without A Lathe Challenge Playlist:
And how to draw a perfect hexagon video:
In this video I’ll be making a bowl for the “bowl without a lathe challenge” that I am hosting.

Making Two Signs - hand routing

In this video I'll be working on two sign projects.

Making A Storage Rack For My Van Using French Cleats

Making A Wooden Draining Board Using Beech

Recently one of my friends tagged me in a post on Twitter because someone had tweeted about needing a replacement wooden draining board for a sink, it's an item that is no longer available for sale, and her old draining board was a little worse for wear.  So I got in touch and gave her a quote for making one and also some more information an suggestions and options about what would might be best to use as some woods are more resistant to absorbing moisture.  The client was happy with the quote and sent me the exact dimensions for the board she wanted, including the spacings inbetween the

Making Key Racks & Hat & Coat Racks - Scrap Wood Project

In this video I make some key racks and hat and coat racks to use up some of my short hardwood scraps.
Key hole plates: (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)