Reviewing My New Planer / Jointer / Thicknesser

In this video I am setting up, aligning the tables and using my new planer thicknesser / jointer planer the iTech 260ss, followingr 2 weeks of extensive use.


On a tight budget but want to install LED lights above your coving? This is the video for you! In this one I help my brother install new coving, COB LED lights and picture rail before the room gets painted black!

Other People's Trash = My Treasure

Can I turn other people's junk in to treasure for my garden? Let's find out! I got a set of cast iron bench ends and a concrete bird bath from my local recycling centre, and in this video, I'm going to attempt to turn them in to something beautiful

Dean's channel Woodwork Journey


Which planer / thicknesser? I am upgrading my trusty Elektra Beckum HC260 combination planer / thicknesser (or "jointer / planer" if you're in the USA) and looking at the available options within my budget.

0:00 Why I'm Upgrading
1:36 My Requirements
3:19 Available Options
6:51 Additional Options!
8:09 Conclusion

Salvaged Wood ➜ Heavy Duty Garden Shelving

I salvaged loads of old decking boards which are going to be perfect for building some low cost outdoor heavy duty shelving or racking units for the garden

How I Chose My New Lathe + 3 Lathe Projects

Recently I realised my lathe was too big for the space I had available, and as I don't use it all that often, it made sense to look for a smaller model.

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KB Oil Wax (Food Safe) available on my Etsy store: I only have a few pots left...


I had a long list of things I want to change about my workshop - and in this video I'm ticking off as many of them as possible! I'm going to be exploring storage solutions, de-cluttering, clamp storage, drawers, hammer and mallet racks, tool storage, battery charging station, table saw in feed and outfeed, and more!

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Dust containment unit:
Why I'm Ditching My Mitre Saw:


Our drainage soakaway was blocked, so we needed to dig a new one to replace it. This was the hardest day's work I've ever done in my life!!!!

The Aiden Project
Aiden's 'behind the scenes' video:

Goodbye, Mitre Saw!

I've decided to get rid of the mitre saw... Here's why!

Hongdui Mitre Gauge review by Bisch Basch Bosch:

Hondui Mitre Gauge Review by Hew & Awe:

Solving My Workshop Dust Problems

I have dust extraction problems! Particularly with my HVLP extractor, but I realised I could also improve the set up for my vacuum extractor too.