4x Problems With My Handmade Shed: One Year Update

In this video I talk about four problems with my handmade shed - it is now one year after I built it - in the hope that you can learn from my mistakes! 

My Shed Build Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjuo9-BOBLg&list=PLDNeCzKzVb5y1wT4akgFD5...
Part 1: Demolishing Old Shed https://youtu.be/tjuo9-BOBLg
Part 2: Shed Floor https://youtu.be/K9m-PyU2Y18
Part 3: Shed Walls https://youtu.be/-W5CslI9vaQ
Part 4: Cladding https://youtu.be/9YyG93L8eZk
Part 5: Roof https://youtu.be/6jpUm8OPOHE
Part 6: Door & Finishing Touches https://youtu.be/L2j08yz34Zw
Part 7: Interior, Total Costs & Timescales https://youtu.be/qf1LrSSWvBM