DIY Bathroom Remodel ~ Renovation Project ~ Complete Timelapse

A complete and quick version of our bathroom renovation project. How to remodel a bathroom and get amazing results for not much money - fast / timelapse version! For more detail: a full, detailed series of videos about the bathroom renovation is available exclusively via Patreon or YouTube channel membership, and includes a full breakdown of all costs across 5x 10 minute videos. Get access to those, and more: YouTube channel membership: or Patreon: Video about the sink unit: Videos about the bathroom cabinet: part 1 part 2 part 3 In 2020 we ripped out our old, dated and ugly bathroom from our 1930s bungalow. The first task was to remove all the tiles from the wall. Most of the plaster came away with it too, so I had to remove all the loose plaster, architrave and skirting. I then skimmed the walls with some bonding. When our plumber removed our bathtub, toilet and sink, we discovered that there was an old leak underneath the bath. I lifted the floorboards to inspect the damage, and unfortunately three of the joists were badly rotten and the brick foundations were unstable. I cut away all the rotten bits of the floor joists, made good the foundations and then added new supporting joists, plus some noggins to further strengthen the floor ready for the new bath to be installed. We then got a plasterer in to skim the walls and ceiling, and I primed the plaster with emulsion mixed with water. I laid a thin mix of tile adhesive over the old floorboards and added aqua panel on top secured with screws. I then applied more tile adhesive and laid the terrazzo floor tiles. We then grouted the tiles. Then I removed the old window, and replaced it with glass blocks. We could then decorate the room, and I made a sink unit and started boxing in pipes after our plumbers second visit. Electrician installed new lights and extractor fan plus digital shower in the loft. I then rippe out the old fitted cabinet, added new studs to get more depth on the inside, and cladded with birch ply, and skimmed the wall. I made a new custom bathroom cabinet using birch ply to fit inside the old existing mirror doors which we re-used. I made new full length birch ply doors to hide the hot water tank, and added a floor threshold. The plumber installed the shower tray, and I then primed and tanked the wet shower area. Then it was on to tiling the shower using some subway tiles. I could then add new skirting boards and architraves, and finally our plumber fitted the shower and glass shower screens. We were so pleased with the end result. This video is supported by Milwaukee, check out their full range here: M18 Sawzall M18 Trim Router M18 Jigsaw M18 Finish Nailer M18 Circular Saw M18 Drill & Driver #bathroom #makeover #remodel Support with PayPal MY TOOLS: For links to the tools I use, plus some of my favourite consumables, finishes and more see links below. Please note I earn a small commission from any purchases: UK affiliate store: US affiliate store: SHOP: Etsy: LINKS: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @ragnbonebrown Twitter: Email: Second YouTube Channel (non woodwork videos):