Table Saw Set Up - 3 simple steps for accurate cuts. Demonstrated on DeWalt DW745

In this video I explain how to set up a table saw for accurate cuts in just three simple steps.  My table saw is the DeWalt DW745 but you can apply the same principles to any table saw.  I show you various methods for how to align the blade to the mitre slots correctly, set the blade angle, and check and set your fence alignment for perfect measurements every time to achieve maximum accuracy.

Tools used in this video:
Wixey Digital Angle Gauge: (UK) (US)
Metric Speed Square: (UK) (US)
Digital Calipers: (UK)
Swanson Combination Square: (UK) (US)
Steel Rule (600mm): (UK) (US)

Tamar at 3x3 Customs video about aligning the blade to the mitre slots: