NO MORE WEEDS! Repointing / Leveling / Cleaning An Old Patio

In this video I work on leveling, re-pointing and cleaning our old patio which had lots of issues for a complete makeover. The old mortar pointing between the slabs was loose and damaged which caused a constant weed problem which I wanted to resolve once and for all. I also needed to level a few of the slabs which had sunk in the ground over time, and for that I make a simple wooden jig which helped me to level the sub-base at the perfect height.

Patio & Pergola Build - Fast Version

This video shows the complete patio and pergola build from scratch - from start to finish.

Hanging An External Door

In this video I fit a handmade exterior door which I made in a previous project video to replace a rotten door on my mum and dad's workshop / garage.

Making The Door Video:

Mortise & Tenon DIY External Door

In this video I make a DIY mortise & tenon exterior door to replace a rotten garage door for my mum and dad using stuff I have kicking around the workshop already.

DIY £15 Acoustic Panels - Sound Test

I made acoustic sound panels for my office room to reduce the echo / reverb in the room where I narrate my videos and record audio podcasts. They work incredibly well!!! And I show how you can make your own for less than £15 per panel.

Fixing A Rotten Door For £0.00

In this video I repair a rotten door and door frame on a garage using only salvaged timber and bits and pieces.

Wood preserver:

DIY Pergola - Costs / Mistakes / How Long It Took

In this video I talk through the lean to pergola/patio cover project, covering my mistakes, lessons learned, how long it took and a full breakdown of the costs.

0:00 Intro
0:21 IP44 Lighting added
0:41 What I'd Do Differently
6:16 How Long It Took
7:02 ITS Black Friday Sale
7:30 How Much It Cost
11:18 Winner!

Polycarbonate Roof Installation

In this video I install a polycarbonate roof to the pergola that I made in a previous video - Link here :

Amazon product links:
Flashing tape: if applying to unpainted brick or concrete, I'd recommend using a primer before applying flashing tape to get good adhesion: 1L 5L
Breather tape:
Polycarbonate compatible silicone:

I Built A Pergola

In this video I build a pergola in our garden using pressure treated softwood rough sawn timber.

0:00 Intro & Timber Collection
0:47 Post Holder Drainage
1:45 4x4 Posts
2:25 Front Beam
2:56 Half Lap Joinery
4:17 Sponsored Message
4:51 Front Frame Assembly
5:36 Wall Plate
6:38 Checking Rafters For Camber
7:01 Roof Pitch / Angle
8:25 Joist Hangers
8:51 Installing End Rafter
11:17 Installing Rafters With Joist Hangers
12:15 Corner Braces
12:50 Outro

Patio / Laying Paving Slabs

In this video I lay a subbase foundation for my patio using MOT Type 1 hardcore, compact it all, and then mix up some mortar using sharp sand, cement and water for laying some 450mm square riven concrete paving slabs, and then I can do the pointing between the slabs.

Demolition Of Conservatory Video:
Ground Work Video:
Pointing Tool:

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