I Made A TETRIS Jigsaw Puzzle Toy

In this video I make a wooden Tetris style jigsaw puzzle toy.  This makes for a great child's toy, or even adults toy (as it's not that easy!)

Video where I salvaged the wood from a bedframe: https://youtu.be/irwxLiznxSA

CMT Grooving Blade: https://geni.us/bvtVSCx different sizes are available - always check the arbour bore size of your machine before ordering!

Breaking Concrete | Excavating | Foundations | Patio Sub-base

In this video we are preparing the ground in our garden for an upcoming new patio and pergola build, with the help of a new (gifted) MX Fuel breaker which is a real beast!

Conservatory Demolition Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ki1NTabAt8Y
Outdoor Sofas Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI0XJkgc7zY
Outdoor Coffee Table Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWKoer2RxpE



Making A Built In Shoe & Coat Storage Cabinet

In this video I built and installed a fitted floor to ceiling built in cabinet / cupboard for shoe and coat storage, for a friend who wanted to de-clutter is entrance hall.

This Bi-Fold Door Had 3 Problems...

In this video I work on trying to make a salvaged glazed bi-fold door that is full of woodworm fit an opening that is too tall and not wide enough for it!

I Made A Garden Coffee Table Using CLS 3x2s

In this video I make a really simple outdoor coffee table to accompany the outdoor sofas made in a recent video using some offcuts of pressure treated 3x2 CLS timber

I Made A Garden Table & Benches

In this video I make a DIY outdoor dining table and benches for our garden using some salvaged galvanised metal fence pipes and kee klamp fittings and some smooth faced pressure treated decking boards for the tops.  I also talk about where is best to buy the components used in this project, and how much you can expect to pay for the materials.

We Demolished A Conservatory - Demolition Day!

In this video we're demolishing a lean to conservatory / sun room on the back of our 1930s bungalow.  We think it was built in the 90's, however it was really poorly built which was one of the many reasons that it needed to come down!

PLEASE NOTE: the methods we use in this video may not be the best or the safest - we are not professional demolition people, in fact, I've personally never demolished a building before (apart from a shed, not sure if that counts). This is NOT a "how to" video.

4x Problems With My Handmade Shed: One Year Update

In this video I talk about four problems with my handmade shed - it is now one year after I built it - in the hope that you can learn from my mistakes! 

How To Make Outdoor Garden Sofas - Easy & Cheap!

In this video I show how to make some inexpensive, quick and easy outdoor garden sofas with cushions using pressure treated / tanalised 3x2s (63x38mm timber) and 6x1s (150x22mm).  Perfect for every patio, solidly made and should last years and years

Easy Router Sled - Wood Slab Flattening

In this video I make a really simple, quick and easy router sled for flattening slabs of timber / lumber / wood.

Video about flattening a slab of timber and my first experience using the sled: