Making The Shed Roof (PART 5 SHED BUILD PROJECT)

In this video I make the roof for the shed, which involved making two timber frames, sheathing the roof with plywood and finally adding roof felt - although I also talk about the other roof coverings I considered which included EPDM rubber, onduline bitumen roof sheets.  The roof felting process did not go well - at all!  But hopefully it will be watertight and weatherproof, and that's the main thing!

Cladding The Shed With Shiplap (PART 4 SHED BUILD PROJECT)

In this video I'll be adding the cladding to the shed using some pressure treated (tanalised) tongue and groove shiplap cladding.  I also explain how to fit the cladding to allow for expansion and contraction of the wood, and why I chose the cladding material I did over others that are available like featherboard, loglap, pvc etc.

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Shed Walls and Framing (PART 3 SHED BUILD PROJECT)

In this video I start to frame the walls of the shed, install the windows and erect the structure. I used 47mm square tanalised timber.  I also talk through how I designed the shed and how we wanted it to fit in with the surroundings. 

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Building A Shed Floor & Foundations (PART 2 SHED BUILD PROJECT)

In this video I get started building a new shed - preparing the foundations and then building a floor for it to sit on. 

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Demolishing An Old Shed - New Shed Project Part 1

In this video I get started on a new project to demolish and remove an old shed that was left at our house by the previous occupants to make space for building a new one.  The old shed had been built on improper foundations and had developed a lean.  It was also rotten and had woodworm, plus lots of holes, spider webs and even a birds nest!  Some of the methods that we used for demolishing the old shed are not recommended!  Please be safe!  It had to go to create space for a new shed which I'm going to be building from scratch (i.e.

My First Bowl (Fail) - Wood Turning Without A Chuck

In this video I make my first (and second) bowl on the lathe as I start to get a bit more experience with wood turning using a face plate as I don't yet have a chuck for the lathe. And I learned loads!  The first bowl wasn't very successful,it all went wrong near the end, but I'm very happy with how the second one turned out.  The wood I think is salvaged mahogany, but I'm not sure.  I had a lot of fun.

My face shield:

Making A Ring Box

In this video I make a ring box using some mystery wood.  I carved a decorative design in to the lid, and also use some bits from the workshop to make the inside of the box to hold the ring in place inside the box.

The technique that I use to make the box is similar to that used in a bandsaw box design - i.e. it ends up looking like one solid piece of wood with grain continuation running around the box, with the inside of the box hollowed out.


In this video I'm going to make a ring box.

Making DIY Custom Birch Plywood & Laminate Kitchen Worktops / Countertops

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In this video we are making our own custom handmade DIY laminate kitchen worktops / countertops using birch plywood and a laminate sheet.  I say we, but actually my friend Danny (professional joiner and fitter) did practically all of the work on this project, I basically just held the camera!

The laminate that we chose is by Polyrey and it's called Zeste Coco

The 24mm birch plywood that we used is available at any good timber merchant - but they may need to order it in (usually only takes a few days at the most)

Oak Picture Frame - Framing A Pet Portrait

In this video I make a frame for a pet portrait of our cat Dylan.

I use some salvaged oak to make the picture frame - a very lucky skip find!

Stay tuned until the end to see if Dylan likes it!

Here are some links to my recent mitre station build videos which I mentioned:

Making A Dinosaur Baby Play Gym Toy

In this video I make a dinosaur baby play gym toy as a Christmas present for my niece Tabitha.

Featuring a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Stegosaurus and a Diplodocus made of beech wood.  This was quite a time consuming woodworking project, but seeing Tabitha play with it on Christmas Day made it all wortwhile!