DIY Worktops & Backsplash ON A BUDGET!

Making DIY kitchen countertops and backsplash on a tight budget using some unusual materials!

DIY Kitchen Worktops (Birch Ply & Laminate)
Cabling Grommets (Amazon UK) (Amazon Worldwide)

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Problematic Pipes!! // Utility Room Renovation

Let's get those handmade kitchen cabinets made in a previous video fitted and installed in to the utility room!

Video about making the kitchen cabinets (part 1):
Part 3 - Worktops and Backsplash:

Why Build Kitchen Cabinets? // Utility Room Renovation

Is making a kitchen really worthwhile vs the cost of buying one? In this video, I find out! I am designing and building custom kitchen cabinets for our utility room which is in need of renovation!

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5 MAJOR TABLESAW UPGRADES // LumberJack Vs Axminster Decision

In this video I FINALLY make a decision on which saw to keep in the workshop out of the LumberJack TS1800 and the Axminster AT254SB - and then once that decision is made, the work begins to solve some of the many tablesaw problems I have.

Crown guard:

0:00 Intro
0:16 LumberJack TS1800 or Axminster AT254SB
3:48 Problem 1: Manouverability
7:29 Problem 2: Insert Plate
11:25 Problem 3: Measurement Marker
14:54 Problem 4: The Fence
15:58 Problem 5: Narrow Rip Cuts

Problem Solved: Designing A New Kitchen Bin

In this video I am making a pet-proof kitchen bin cabinet, as in, one that ACTUALLY WORKS! I couldn't quite believe that there doesn't seem to be any purchasable solution to stop pets getting in the bin, but this simple woodworking project solved all our problems with Mickie the ever hungry cat!

PROJECT PLANS: Available for free to all channel members (Patreon and YouTube Channel Members) or via Etsy for a small fee here:

DIY Drainage - French Drains On A Budget!

We had big problems with mould and mildew forming on the inside of our garage / store room, as damp was tracking through from the outside to the inside due to there either being no damp proof course in the walls (which is what I suspect is the case) or if there is a DPC, it was being compromised by a concrete driveway and path at DPC level on the outside. So join me for a video full of drainage solutions on a very tight budget!

Making A Lot Of Mistakes... And A Linen Basket!

A tapered linen basket with compound angles is this week's project, and it really tested me! Many mistakes were made, partly through being out of practice as it's the first woodworking project in a while and partly through being distracted by getting a new tablesaw and fiddling about with that! But it turned out nice in the end!

LUMBERJACK TS1800 TABLE SAW: Everything You Need To Know

In this video I review the LumberJack TS1800 Table Saw in great detail - and also compare it with my Axminster AT254SB along the way.

Buy it on Amazon:

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The ULTIMATE Garage Flooring

In this video I'm fitting what I believe is the ultimate garage flooring - incredibly durable, easy to fit, easy to keep clean and non-slip! Plus underlay, skirting boards and adjusting and re-hanging a door.

Insulated Plasterboard Makes It Easy!

In this video I am installing insulated plasterboard to some single skin exterior walls that had no cavity and therefore no insulation. Our main aim is to keep the inside faces of the walls warm to prevent condensation and mould or mildew forming.

How We Resolved Our Damp, Condensation & Mould Issues:

Charlie DIYte's Insulated Plasterboard Video: