How To Sharpen & Set Planer / Thicknesser Blades ( HC260 / PT260 )

In this video I show how to sharpen planer (jointer) thicknesser blades and then show an easy method for setting the knives to the correct height. My machine is the Elektra Beckum HC260 which is practically the same machine as the Metabo HC260 and the Record Power PT260

A New Use For The Domino?

Thumb Wrench Set:

Making The Most Of Your Off Cuts

Plywood is expensive! Especially at the moment... So in this video I show how I found uses for my plywood off cuts


In this video I put two hard wax oil wood finishes to the test - Osmo Polyx-Oil Vs Oli Natura Hard Wax Oil from Germany - which happens to be the cheapest hard wax oil available on Amazon.  I test out their appearance, ease of application, drying and cure time, stain resistance and value for money.

Oli Natura Hard Wax Oil Clear Satin 1l

Solid Wood Vs Veneer | How To Tell The Difference | IKEA's "Fake" Wood

How do you tell the difference between solid wood furniture and veneered furniture? In this video I explain how to determine the difference.  I also make some "fake" solid wood in the workshop, showing how companies like Ikea and other furniture manufacturers are creating items that appear to be solid wood, but are actually veneered.

Free Reclaimed Wood!

In this video I convert some discarded items in to useable timber / lumber / wood.

My Dust Curtains / Paint Spray Booth Curtains Video
My Where To Get Wood Video
My Free Hardwood - Salvaging Video
My How To Get Wood For Free (Or Cheap) Video

Trend T7 Router: Trend T7 Plus Accessories:

The Best Wood Finish, Every Time - Wood Finish Finder Tool

Choosing the right wood finish isn't always easy, especially if you're new to woodworking - there are so many options - oils, waxes, hard wax oils, varnishes, lacquers, shellac, dyes, paints, stains and polyurethanes. 
I've been working hard on a project over the past couple of months creating an online tool designed to help you choose the best possible wood finish for your particular project, whatever that might be.  And in this video I show you how it works, and talk you through some examples. 

Getting Started With Paint Spraying - New Air Compressor & Spray Gun

In this video I get started with spraying paint (although in future I'll mostly be using my new set up for spraying varnishes / clear coats).

My Choosing An Air Compressor Video:

0:00 Intro
0:15 New Air Compressor
3:05 New Spray Gun
4:23 Painting A Door
8:42 Overspray
10:16 Compressor Performance
10:45 Spray Gun Performance
10:58 Clean Up
11:44 Why I Wanted To Start Spraying

My new compressor is the ABAC Montecarlo OS20p (not a sponsor)
My new spray gun is the ANI R160 (not a sponsor)

Free Hardwood? Yes please! Salvaging & Milling Timber

In this video I salvage some wood from some hardwood window frames and doors.  There was a real mixture of solid timber, laminated and fingerjointed staves of hardwood and face veneers, but well worth the effort!  Free wood is the best kind of wood. I'm not sure what species of wood these are, there's probably some meranti and mahogany in there among others...  This wood will be used to build a rocking chair for the Karl Pope Woodcraft Build A Chair Challenge on 5th December.

Where To Buy Wood / Timber / Lumber

#lumber #wood #timber

In this video I talk about where I buy wood / timber / lumber.  I prefer to work with salvaged / reclaimed timber as much as possible.  And as I moved out away to a more rural area, materials are more difficult to come by - however there are still places to look - both online via the internet and by using timber merchants, builders merchants, recycling centres and even DIY stores (but only as a last resort!).

My older video - "How To Find Wood For Free (Or Cheap):