Building a cat adventure playground for Mickie and Hazel, so our indoor cats can get some fresh air, sunshine, and have some fun playing in the catio / cat enclosure!

Building The Catio - The Walls:
Building The Catio - The Roof:

Cat Grass Seed: (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)

Making A Cat Scratching Board // Picking Up Our New Cat!

In this video I make some cat scratching boards, which I think are much nicer than the ones you can buy in the shop and are built to last! And we also pick up our new little girl cat Hazel.

Finger Joint Jig:

6mm Grooving Blade (Amazon UK)

Making A Bird House Box

In this video I make a simple bird house box for my garden, and later in the video you'll see that a blue tit has already visited - hopefully they will nest in the boxes soon!

Free build plans:

RSPB page which offers advice for building a bird box and what dimensions to use:

Making A Cat Sofa (or Small Dog Sofa!)

In this video I design and build a mid century modern style cat sofa, although it could be used by small dogs or perhaps other pets (ferrets maybe?).  These make for a great cat bed or dog bed for your furry friends!
Cat sofa
In this video I'm going to be making a sofa for a cat or small dog.
I had lots of offcuts of 18mm plywood left over from my recent mitre station build and this would be a great project to make use of those.

Making A Cat Bed Cabinet / HiKOKI Limited Tools Challenge

In this video HiKOKI challenge me to make a project with limited tools. To make it a little more interesting I decided not to use my workshop either! I make some cat bed cabinets, but they can also be used as bedside tables / night stands, vinyl cabinets to store records or for book storage. The cabinet has an oak top made from salvaged oak worktop, legs made of salvaged hat and coat stands and a carcass made of 18mm hardwood plywood.

Making A Cat House / Pet Bed

In this video I make a cat house pet bed type thing. Actually, I made three! And they're for sale on my Etsy store. You can also get plans and a cut list via my Patreon page or Etsy.

Making A Cat Radiator Bed

In this video I make a wooden cat radiator bed out of some offcuts of mahogany.

Making A Large Dog Bed

In this video I'm going to be making a large dog bed as a commission for a client.  

It's going to be based on a design I've made previously on my channel, but with a number of improvements.

Wooden Dog Beds - Mid Century Modern

In this video I'm going to be making some dog beds using some oak veneered MDF left over from the radio studio desks commission I did recently.
A lot of the dog beds you can buy tend to look a bit cheap and nasty, so the idea I had was to make something that looked more like a piece of furniture that will look good in someone's home.  
I wanted to design something with a mid century modern feel mainly because that'd the style of furniture that I like. 
Before I got started I first did some 3D drawings in SketchUp - that allowed me to not only h

Making Cat Or Dog Bunk Beds

Recently I found some pine bed slats and a broken double bed frame, and in this video I'm going to be making some bunk beds for cats or smallish dogs.  
I previously designed and made some single versions of these beds which was an earlier video on my channel.
The slats had some straps attached with staples so the first job was to get those off
And I removed all the metal fittings.  
The slats measured just shy of 1.4m in length and from that I decided what size to make the beds.  I'd make the length 60cm so I could