Perfect, Easy Finger Joints - Table Saw Jig (no dado)

In this video I make a simple jig for creating perfect finger joints or box joints via an easy to make table saw jig.

Free plans available here:

6mm grooving blade: (UK) please note, this fits my table saw which has a 30mm arbour bore - adapter rings and other blade sizes are available too

Workshop Tour 2020 - Rag 'n' Bone Brown

Hello, welcome to my 2020 Workshop Tour. 

0:00 Intro
0:13 Workshop Outside General Overview
1:33 Timber Storage area
1:48 Workshop Inside General Overview
3:44 Workshop Layout
4:39 Workbenches - Overview
4:57 MFT Table - My Thoughts
6:12 Workbenches
8:17 Table Saw
9:22 Mitre Station
14:02 Sheet Material Storage
14:19 Dust Extraction Corner
15:05 Air Compressor
16:00 Main Tool Wall
21:21 Bandsaw, Lathe & Storage Wall

Sanding Cabinet - FREE PLANS

In this video I make a very simple cabinet to hold all my sanding supplies, sandpaper, sanding discs, rolls of abrasive paper and my random orbit sander that sits inside the panel of my workbench. 

Free plans available here:

This video is supported by Milwaukee, check out their full range here:

Making A Workbench / Outfeed Table With Drawers

In this video I make a workbench / outfeed table with drawers for my workshop. 

You can get plans and cut lists for this project here: or sign up for Patreon or YouTube channel membership:

Zero Clearance Table Saw Insert Plate / Throat Plate

In this video I make a zero clearance insert or throat plate for my new table saw the Axminster AT254SB.

#woodworking #tablesaw #zeroclearance

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Chisel Rack - Quick & Simple - FREE PLANS

In this video I make a "universal" chisel holder rack as a very quick and easy scrap wood woodworking project to get my chisels out of a drawer and on to my workshop tool wall.  The rack is designed to hold all sizes of chisels.  Well, it certainly holds all of my chisels anyway - I'm sure there are chisels out there that won't fit, but this will certainly work for most!

Free plans and cut list for this build are available at this link (you don't need to be a patron of the channel to download) :

Tool Restoration - I Found A Rusty Old Axe Head!

#woodworking #axe #restoration

In this video I work on a rusty old axe or hatchet head which I found in my garden while digging. 

It packed full of soil, and after clearing that out I could start cleaning up the head.  There was quite a lot pitting which I was unable to remove, but I was able to get most of it clean and shiney with a reflective finish. 

I make a new handle for the hatchet using a piece of salvaged oak in my workshop.

Grinding Station - Sharpening Woodturning Tools, Chisels & Cutting Irons

#woodworking #grinding #woodturning

In this video I set up a grinding and sharpening station for my new woodturning chisels, and I'll also use it for adding clean, hollow grinds to my handplane cutting irons and woodworking chisels.  I used my existing grinder but upgraded the wheel, fitted a new replacement tool rest upgrade, and I also create some jigs that will allow me to set up the grinding tool rest at specific angles, repeatably and accurately.

Sharpening Tools - Chisels and Handplane Cutting Irons

#woodworking #sharpening #chisels

It's been three years since I made a video about sharpening, so this is an update on the equipment and my method of getting my tools (chisels, handplane cutting irons, and knives too occasionally) nice and sharp and ready for work.

All of the equipment that I use is cheap - so this is a good guide for anyone looking to prepare, sharpen and hone their hand tools in an inexpensive way.

Wood Turning - Getting Started With The Lathe & First Turning Project

In this video I get started with wood turning and using a lathe. 

Video timeline, in case you want to skip to the bits you're interested in:
Buying A New Lathe 0:23
Chisels & Accessories 5:17
Work Area 9:19
First Turning Project 11:43
Learning Resources 17:41