Bike Shed


Biggest build yet!  I wanted to build something to put my lawnmower, bike and gardening bits in so that I could use my other shed just for storing lots of wood and all my tools.  Eventually I want to replace my other shed with a big workshop and get some workbenches and table tools in there, but that’s another story….

I made the frame first, from old 2x4 timber that used to be my friend’s scooter ramp.  He didn’t want the ramp anymore so we dismantled it a few months back and I’d been wondering what to do with it ever since.

I was looking for some cladding materials for quite a while, and the cheapest I could find enough shiplap or featherboard cladding to do the whole thing was about £100… Wasn’t happy paying that much as I could have just bought a secondhand shed for that sort of money!  So I went to a reclamation yard to see what I could find and they had loads of decent featherboard offcuts in a skip that they were throwing away. Most of it was damaged, cracked, dirty and mouldy.  To my surprise they said I could have it all for free!!!  So I spent about an hour getting mucky and pulling all the best bits out. Surprisingly, I got enough that day to do the whole thing - result!
I made the two doors, and a simple frame to keep them sturdy.

I used some pine bed slats for the floor struts that I found by a bin near a council estate, which I screwed to the frame.  On top of the slats I used some spare MDF bits I had in my shed - I’ll replace the floor at some point with some plywood when I’ve got some.

I went to B&Q and bought a sheet of OSB to make the roof, and made a simple frame for it out of 1x2 pressure treated timber.  I was going to buy some roof felt too but luckily my Dad had some left over - he had 1m x 2.5m and that was the perfect size, so I gratefully took that donation aswell.

I made a platform out of bricks and fence posts that I had laying around in my garden to sit the shed on.

I stained all the cladding dark brown to match my fence (not that ugly blue fence on the left - that’s my neighbours fence!)

I’ll install some hooks eventually and maybe a shelf to store some other bits.

It was a really fun build (apart from slicing the top of my finger off in my table saw!!!).  

Really pleased with how it turned out and couldn’t have done it without the kind donations from my mate Sean, my Dad, and Mitchells Reclamation Yard on Oak St.  Also, a big thanks to my brother for his help collecting most of the wood and making a mess of his car!

The whole build took a couple of weeks working on it most evenings.  The total cost was around £40 - the OSB roof was £25, the stain was £5 and spent about £10 on padlock, hinges, latches etc.