Blades - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

This video is all about circular saw blades for table saws, plunge saws, mitre saws and circular saws and I'll talk about which blades are my recommended personal favourites, and which ones are not. Also what to look out for when buying a blade, and the differences between rip, combination and cross cut blades.

0:00 Intro
0:07 Ripping Blades
0:30 Cross Cut Blades
0:57 Combination Blades
1:18 Choosing The Right Blade For Your Machine
1:30 Bore Size & Adapters
1:56 Kerf Size
2:19 Riving Knife and Kerf Size
2:50 Blade Deflection
3:11 One Blade For Everything Recommendation
4:56 Two Blades Recommendation - Rips & Cross Cuts
5:25 Tooth Grind
5:52 Best Blade For Joinery - Flat Grind
6:22 Best Mitre Saw Blade
6:48 Best Plunge Saw Blade
7:07 Best Circular Saw Blade
7:32 Best Blade Brands
8:46 Clean Your Blades!

Ripping Blades
Freud 160mm 24T 20mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 165mm 24T 20mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 190mm 24T 30mm Bore or (Amazon)
Freud 235mm 24t 30mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 250mm 24t 30mm Bore or (Amazon)
Milwaukee 165mm 24T 20mm Bore (Amazon)
Milwaukee 190mm 24T 20mm Bore (Amazon)

Combination Blades
Freud 160mm 48T 20mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 165mm 40T 20mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 180mm 40T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 190mm 40T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 216mm 48T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 230mm 34T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 235mm 34T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 250mm 40T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 305mm 48T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
Milwaukee 165mm 40T 5/8" (15.87mm) Bore (Amazon)
Milwaukee 165mm 48T 20mm Bore (Amazon)
Milwaukee 190mm 36T 20mm Bore (Amazon)
Milwaukee 210mm 48T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
ABRACS 40T 30mm Bore (Amazon)

Cross Cutting Blades
Freud 216mm 48T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 216mm 64T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 240mm 60T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 260mm 60T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 305mm 72T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 305mm 96T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
Milwaukee 216mm 80T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
ABRACS 250mm 60T 30mm Bore (Amazon)
ABRACS 250mm 80T 30mm Bore (Amazon)

Twin Packs
Freud 165mm 40T & 24T 20mm Bore (Amazon)
Freud 190mm 40T & 12T 30mm Bore (Amazon)

Blade Adapter Rings
20mm to 16mm (Amazon)
30mm to 20mm, 20mm to 16mm, 30mm to 16mm, 30mm to 25.4mm (Amazon)