Making A Rocking Chair (Mid Century Modern) #KPWBCC2020

In this video I make a mid century modern style rocking chair; which could also be an armchair by removing the rockers (or rollers!) for the Karl Pope Woodcraft Build A Chair Challenge 2020.  The chair is made from hardwood salvaged from doors and windows taken from our home renovation works.

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All upholstery materials were courtesy of I Want Fabric:
Recycled Eco Leather:

Glue Syringes: (UK) (USA)

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Tools used in this video:
Circular Saw:
Inkzall Markers:
Mitre Saw:
Impact Driver:;-hex-impact-driver/m12-fid/?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=YouTube&utm_campaign=Rag%20N%20Bone%20Brown%20-12v%20fid
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