My 5x Favourite Tablesaw Modifications, Upgrades & Accessories - demonstrated on the DeWalt DW745

In this video I talk about my five favourite table saw modifications, safety upgrades and accessories.

Including a flappy paddle safety switch which allows me to turn off the saw with my knee, a low profile riving knife to allow cutting through cuts / housing grooves / dado joints / rebates / rabbets, various mitre gauge options to upgrade the one supplied with the saw, zero clearance insert options and a dust tray idea to make cleaning up dust from beneath the saw much easier.

These are demonstrated on the DeWalt DW745 table saw, although many of these mods/accessories might be useful for other saws too.

Paul Taylor's Flappy Paddle Safety Switch for the DeWalt DW745:

Zero Clearance Insert by Matt at Where's My Pencil (formerly Happy Wife Happy Life):

Zero Clearance Insert by Matthias Wandel

Zero Clearance Insert by Tommy at One Minute Workbench:

Adjusting a Mitre Saw Gauge by ASousa

Mitre Gauge by UJK Technology: (UK)

Mitre Gauge by Incra (UK) (US)

My Cross Cut Sled video:

Cross Cut Sled by Matt at Badger Workshop:

My Panel Cutting Sled:

John Heisz (I Build It) Panel Cutting Sled:

Cross Cutting Sled by Tamar at 3x3 Custom with stop blocks, T Track and mitre cuts etc.

Cross Cutting Sled by Jeremy Schmidt:

My Frame Spline Jig:

My Tenon Jig:

Aluminium Tapering Jig: (UK) (US)

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