Restoring A Mid Century Modern Bureau

In this restoration video I work on a mid century modern bureau made by Jentique.  I need to remove water stains, scratches and the old finish before refinishing, remove a handle that someone had added and fill with a new veneer patch repair with some wood grain painting to help it blend in, and then apply new finish and find a replacement key for the fold down door.

0:00 Intro
1:19 Removing Finish & Water Marks
3:15 Veneer Patch Repair
5:32 More Finish Removal
5:48 Working On The Handles
6:08 More Finish Removal and Refinishing
7:23 Spraying A Varnish Top Coat
8:08 Paint Wood Grain Repair Colour Matching
10:40 Hard Wax Fill Repair
11:22 Finding A Replacement Key
12:01 Outro

My Spray Booth Video
My Spraying Equipment Video

Card Scraper
Carbide Scraper (small / detail)
Carbide Scraper (large)
Shellac (light)
Shellac (darker)

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