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O'KEEFFE'S WORKING HANDS (Amazon UK) (Amazon Worldwide)

METAL HOODED DUSTPAN (Amazon UK) (Amazon Worldwide)

Cat Enclosure - The Roof Structure

In this video I need to construct some kind of roof structure to stop cats escaping from the catio / cat enclosure. I also talk about some other options for preventing cats from escaping from the garden.

Polyurethane Glue:
Wood Preserver: Wood Preserver: (UK) (Worldwide)

We Built A Catio!

In this video we are building a catio / cat garden enclosure for Mickie the cat who has FIV.

Find out more about Mickie here:

Wood Preserver: (UK) (Worldwide)

Pergola Build:

Pergola Follow Up:

A New Clear Wood Finish - Non-Yellowing / Non-Darkening

In this video I introduce a new clear, non-darkening, non-yellowing wood finish

KB Oil Wax Triple Pack (Original, Food Safe Formula and Clear)

KB Oil Wax Double Pack (Original & Food Safe Formula)

What Did It Cost? // Ceiling Repairs // Questions Answered

So how much were the re-roofing work costs in total? I'll break it down in this video, and I'll also answer some questions about why the roof was not counter battened, insurance, and more!

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Pitched Roof in 5 HOURS?! LET'S GO!

In this video I'm joined by master carpenter, the brilliant Robin Clevett and his protégé Ed as we attempt to convert the strange flat roof on our bungalow in to a pitched roof.

Previous video - Our Roofing Nightmare:
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Robin's video:

The Damage Is Done, Who's To Blame?

This video is all about the story of our bungalow re-roofing nightmare project, and what happened when everything went wrong.

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This Garden Bench Build Was SPECIAL

In this video I make a garden bench using parts from an old salvaged garden bench which revealed it's secret beauty beneath layers of dirt and weathering!!

Which Wood Glue Is The Best?

Recommended Glues

DIY Wall Panelling

My brother asked me to add some wall panels / wainscoting / board and battens to his bedroom walls.... Challenge accepted!

0:00 Prepation
4:10 Installation