Axminster AT254SB / AW10BSB2 Table Saw Review

In this video I review the Axminster AT254SB (previously known as the AW10BSB2) table saw.  I have been using it now for 3 months.

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Vintage Cocktail Cabinet - Furniture Restoration

In this video I work on restoring a vintage cocktail cabinet as a commission for a client. The old finish was badly scratched and I needed to scrape and sand and add a new finish to rejuvenate the wood veneer (which I think is walnut). I also needed to repair a few dings, stop the drawer from sticking and lube up the metal components to get everything running smoothly.  Before and after pics at the end of the video

My Card Scraper video:

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Finished Shed - Interior / Costs / Timescales / Q&A

This is the last in the series of my shed build project where I work on the interior of the shed, go through the total costs of self building a shed plus the timescales, and I respond to viewer comments and questions throughout the project.

0:00 Intro
0:30 Shed Interior
1:41 Shed Tour
2:53 Shed Cost
6:02 Project Timescales
7:17 Shed Q&A

Ali Dymock's planning permission video:

Shed Door & Finishing Touches (PART 6 SHED BUILD PROJECT)

In this video I make a door with hardware for the shed, and add some finishing touches including working on sealing up the windows and adding trim, guttering and water butt connections, adding rodent proof mesh, soffit boards and ventilation and adding some paving outside.

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Making The Shed Roof (PART 5 SHED BUILD PROJECT)

In this video I make the roof for the shed, which involved making two timber frames, sheathing the roof with plywood and finally adding roof felt - although I also talk about the other roof coverings I considered which included EPDM rubber, onduline bitumen roof sheets.  The roof felting process did not go well - at all!  But hopefully it will be watertight and weatherproof, and that's the main thing!

Cladding The Shed With Shiplap (PART 4 SHED BUILD PROJECT)

In this video I'll be adding the cladding to the shed using some pressure treated (tanalised) tongue and groove shiplap cladding.  I also explain how to fit the cladding to allow for expansion and contraction of the wood, and why I chose the cladding material I did over others that are available like featherboard, loglap, pvc etc.

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Shed Walls and Framing (PART 3 SHED BUILD PROJECT)

In this video I start to frame the walls of the shed, install the windows and erect the structure. I used 47mm square tanalised timber.  I also talk through how I designed the shed and how we wanted it to fit in with the surroundings. 

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Choosing My New Table Saw

In this video I talk about deciding which new table saw to buy and why I decided to upgrade from a contractor / portable construction style site saw to a cabinet saw. I previously used the DeWalt DW745 and Milwaukee M18FTS saws but the time was right to invest in a new saw.  This video may be helpful to anyone looking for a new table saw in the UK as it represents a comprehensive list of all of the 8" or 10" cabinet/hybrid saws that are currently available to buy.

Building A Shed Floor & Foundations (PART 2 SHED BUILD PROJECT)

In this video I get started building a new shed - preparing the foundations and then building a floor for it to sit on. 

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Demolishing An Old Shed - New Shed Project Part 1

In this video I get started on a new project to demolish and remove an old shed that was left at our house by the previous occupants to make space for building a new one.  The old shed had been built on improper foundations and had developed a lean.  It was also rotten and had woodworm, plus lots of holes, spider webs and even a birds nest!  Some of the methods that we used for demolishing the old shed are not recommended!  Please be safe!  It had to go to create space for a new shed which I'm going to be building from scratch (i.e.