My $30 / £20 Dust Booth & Paint Spraying Booth Workshop Curtains

In this video I make a really simple $30 / £20 workshop curtain paint spray booth or dust booth using some inexpensive tarpaulins and pvc conduit. Inspired by a conversation with Stew at Bisch Basch Bosch channel:

My Slab Flattening Video:
My Slab Flattening Router Sled Video:
My Paint Spraying Video:
My Choosing An Air Compressor Video:

Campervan Conversion - Ceiling, And Boxing In

In this video we remove all the old boards from the ceiling and add new, thinner and lighter boards.  We also create boxes for the ceiling ventilation fans and box in the pillars either side of the rear doors in the Mercedes Sprinter van that we are converting in to a campervan.

Thank you to ITS for sponsoring this video.  For all the tools you need, deliveries available 7 days a week!  Have a browse online at and use the code RAGNBONE to receive a free goodie bundle worth £30 when you spend over £50 excl VAT.

I Made A Router Table

In this video I make a router table extension to fit in between the fence rails of my table saw.

0:00 Intro
0:05 Router Table Top
2:00 Router Lift
2:39 Router Lift Fitting
4:41 Router
6:16 Chuck Collet Adapter
6:39 Router Bits
6:51 Fitting The Router and Table Top
7:31 Making The Fence
9:46 T Track
10:23 Featherboard
11:28 Dust Extraction
12:07 Applying Finish
12:22 Fence Weight Reduction
12:46 NVR Switch
13:13 Using The Router Table

VLOG 14 - Workshop Changes / What's New / Recommended Viewing / Tool Talk (Milwaukee)

Welcome to vlog number 14.  In this one, I install new windows to my workshop with the help from my uncle, I talk about the videos and projects coming soon to the channel, recommended YouTube viewings and Tool Talk featuring some new routers and accessories, a braided vacuum hose sleeve and new Milwaukee tools like the M12 jobsite radio, an 20oz claw hammer, and some new pry bars.

0:00 Intro
0:10 Workshop Changes
3:38 What's New
5:22 Recommended Viewing
7:41 Tool Talk

Reflective window film:

Flattening And Finishing A Live Edge Timber Slab - Alcove Shelf

In this video I convert an old coffee table top in to a beautiful timber live edge or waney edge alcove shelf - I don't know species of wood it is, but I'd love to find out, so please let me know in the comments what you think it is.

Video about making the router sled:

The flat milling router bit was kindly #gifted by Sauter Shop:, here is a link to the item.

Easy Router Sled - Wood Slab Flattening

In this video I make a really simple, quick and easy router sled for flattening slabs of timber / lumber / wood.

Video about flattening a slab of timber and my first experience using the sled:

KB Oil Wax Original:
KB Oil Wax Food Safe:
KB Oil Wax Double Pack:

Campervan Conversion - Doors & Bulkhead - Mercedes Sprinter #ad

In this video we work on finishing off some of the trim reveal around the side door, and we make and install a bulkhead for the van (that's the panel that sits between the cabin and the back) with a cupboard door for access to the shelf above the cabin, and we clad the doors in plywood and make some new window boxes.

0:00 Side Door Reveal Trim
2:34 Bulkhead
5:35 Rear Door panels

Campervan Conversion - Walls & Windows - Mercedes Sprinter

In this video we get started on a new project to convert a Mercedes Sprinter in to a campervan for some friends of ours.

0:00 Intro
0:38 Wall panelling
7:40 Windows

Some of the work had already been started - some of the walls already battened and insulated, flooring, water heater, electrics installed and some tongue and groove on the ceiling (although we'll be removing that and starting again as it was done to a poor standard).

Strawbyte Workshop Plunge Saw Dust Cover (gifted):

Installing The Large Driveway Gates.... Problems!

In this video I install the large garden driveway gates made in the previous video.

The large gates build video:
My other recent Medite Tricoya Xtreme MDF gate video:
Gid The Joiner Gate Video:
Gid The Joiner YouTube Channel:

I Made Some Large Gates For A Driveway

In this video I work on a commission to build some large garden gates for a driveway using pressure treated / tanalised timber from a local timber merchant, plus some untreated shiplap from a sawmill.  The gates span over 4m in width and are around 1.7m high.  I used half lap joinery at the corners of the frames, and floating tenons / dominos elsewhere. 

Video about installing the gates: